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What inspired them to write that song?   Leave a comment

What better way to tell a story, than to put a melody to it and wrap it up in a neat little package, for purchase or download?

Songwriters are storytellers. Think Lennon/McCartney, Paul Williams, Bob Dylan, Bacharach/Blaine or Brian Wilson and so many others. Songwriters have their stories told when you turn on your radio, watch a movie, shop for groceries and even have your teeth drilled on.

Songs are stories, put to music.

There are millions of songs out there and every song has a story behind it, weather it came to the songwriter in a dream or they sat down and spent hours, days or even years looking for the right words to convey and share their messages of love and loss.

I’ve always had an interest in the stories and trivia, behind the songs. Why was it written? Who was it written for?

In this blog we’re going to explore the stories behind the songs of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The songs I grew up with and love!

All my favorites, starting with……


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